InfoTech Analysis is also a Knowledge Process Outsourcing company providing data analytics, data management and process improvement solutions to global enterprise                                      clients.

BPO Services.....

InfoTech Analysis is also a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company providing data analytics, data management and process improvement solutions to global enterprise clients.

In BPO Field Work..

We are one of the young operational and analytical support providers, serving many Sectors. We combine deep industry and domain expertise with proprietary workflows to give you direct situational awareness at a transactional level so that you can more effectively manage your business. Our services span all lines of business in the industry, all support channels (Chat, Email & Phone), and multiple functional areas (Customer Care, Repair, Billing, Retention, Sales & Technical Operations etc.). 1. TELECOMMUNICATION (CABLE, PHONE & BROADBAND). 2. SALES & MARKETING. 3. ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY. 4. AIRLINE. 5. HOTEL & TOURISM. 6. BANKING. 7. INSURANCE. 8. MARKETING & RESEARCH ANALYSIS. 9. BUILDING MATERIAL. 10. PHARMACEUTICAL. 11. SUPPLY CHAIN. 12. AEROSPACE & DEFENSE. 13. NETWORK. 14. HUMAN RESOURCES. 15 AGRICULTURE. 16. FREIGHT & LOGISTICS. 17. AUTOMOBILE. 18. INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC . 19. INFRASTRUCTURE & TRANSPORTATION. 20. SOURCING & PROCUREMENT. 21. IDENTITY MANAGEMENT ACCROSS BORDER. 22. HEALTH. 23. ENERGY. 24. LEGAL. 25. POSTAL. 26. DEFENSE. 27. CONSUMER GOODS. 28. RETAIL. 29. PENSION. 30. NGO. 31. RAILWAYS. 32. INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT. 33. EDUCATION. Our mission is to provide the Highest value-added Research and Consulting services to our clients. Our values consist of Quality, Professionalism, Client Focus, Personal and Team Growth. All of our engagements are highly customized and tailored to meet specific business needs. We enable organizations to create more efficient, effective, & innovative Business Models. We arm your enterprise with the Strategic Thinking to effectively respond no matter what directions the industry’s evolution takes. Our deep industry expertise enables the organization to successfully address challenges and seize opportunities by improving processes, creating efficiencies and unlocking innovation. We offer solutions that address root cause, thus ensuring improvement in long-term operational metrics. We provide... 1. Increased Revenue Generation. 2. Expanded distribution channels with reduced distribution costs. 3. Decreased operating costs. 4. Better customer service. 5. Support for rapid growth. 6. In-house Monitoring & Analysis. 7. Third Party Vendor Monitoring & Analysis. 8. Work Order Accuracy. 9. Billing Database Support. 10. Revenue Assurance. 11. To Avoid Truck Roll. 12. Avoid Standard Ticket Errors.

We have more than half of our employees join the organization with significant prior experience in various Sectors and they
1. Handle Calls, Mails & Chats.
2. Consistently meet Quality for:
(a) Accuracy Levels.
(b) Call Handling Time.
(c) Average Answer Rate.
(d) First Time Resolution.
As a leading provider of BPO solutions, we offer an integrated IT-BPO approach that can handle a broad range of tasks from high volume transaction processing to specialized solutions.
To help continually focus on improving the customer experience, we conduct calibration sessions and review different attributes of process knowledge, and core business rules to help improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of contacts being handled.
We Perform case studies to identify process breakdowns and develop recommendations to improve the operations. We also conduct calibration sessions across internal and external teams.

Reporting & Analytics...

We are skilled at turning operational data into strategic intelligence. We tailor our reporting to your needs. We deliver such kind of reports like Business analytics, Daily reporting, and employee performance.

Cost Avoidance...

We identify to reduce expenses such as avoiding unnecessary truck rolls and repeat customer contacts that are a result of billing or provisioning errors. We help to ...
1. Improve profitability.
2. Lower operational and distribution costs.
3. Generate significant ancillary revenues.
4. Enhance customer service.
INFOTECHANALYSIS services include consulting, technology implementation, and front, middle and back office operations as well as: Account opening and management Trade confirmation. Order management. Clearing & settlement. Record-keeping.
We have built our team's Workflow processes to ensure the highest possible level of data integrity. We help to convert massive amounts of data and millions of transactions into useful business intelligence that can further drive cost savings and efficiencies.
Our team is steeped in the culture and ethos of all the Sectors either through previous experience in the area or through our extensive training process. So our clients have no concerns over issues such as project relevance or communications skills.
We also maintain Strict Compliance controls so that client information remains private and confidential. We have fully customized methodologies and products on demand, and pride ourselves on our ability to turn our teams into extensions of our client's teams, maximizing their resources and capabilities.
Our teams thoroughly enjoy seeing our clients achieve success based on our research and consulting. Outstanding performance on our part will enable clients to unlock more value in their enterprise and in turn drive further growth for InfoTech Analysis

The Security of client data is a top priority at InfoTech Analysis. We have an information security management system designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of client information.
We employ the latest network architecture and perimeter controls. All email communication is encrypted and our network is subjected to regular vulnerability assessments.
Our research center has an electronic-access control system, is guarded around-the-clock, and has video surveillance systems. Clients who have dedicated teams with us are provided with client-specific access controlled rooms, further safeguarding client information.
In addition to layers of technical security, we rigorously screen our staff, requiring each employee to sign a nondisclosure agreement. All employees from software engineers to analysts to calling agents, undergo a thorough background check.
All members of staff go through comprehensive training in data privacy and compliance prior to any involvement in client transactions.
All client data is kept strictly confidential and all user passwords are stored in our secure database inaccessible by even our technical team.